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What is the cost with and without insurance?

There is no out of pocket co-pay with insurance.

You might receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company which shows a balance due. Please know that Premier Diagnostics will not charge you for any amount outstanding after your insurance company reimbursement. Please disregard any communication from your insurance company which states that you have a patient responsibility to pay Premier Diagnostics. We will not attempt to collect this money from you.

If you do not have insurance, we can often submit a claim to the federal government to cover the cost of the test.

Certain insurance companies (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield and PEHP) choose to send reimbursement for the test directly to the patient instead of directly to Premier Diagnostics. In this situation, it is the patient's responsibility to forward payment from their insurance company to our billing department. We will not ask you to pay any more than what your insurance company reimburses directly to you. If you believe you've received a bill from Premier Diagnostics, please lookout for a check from your insurance company arriving in the mail soon.

The cash price is $200 for the saliva test and $100 for the antibody test without insurance or government support.

Who should I contact for billing-related matters?

For further questions regarding billing issues, please contact:


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