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Antibody Test

Your body produces antibodies to fight infectious diseases such as COVID-19. These antibodies will remain in your bloodstream for some time if you have previously had or been exposed to the corona virus. Research on COVID-19 antibody behavior is still under development, but most medical professionals believe these antibodies may remain in your bloodstream for up 4-6 weeks after exposure.

The COVID-19 antibody test uses a droplet of blood to detect the presence of antibodies associated with the COVID-19 virus. The test takes about 10 minutes to run. Although antibodies do not give a person full immunity from the virus, the detection of antibodies can provide a useful clue into the spread of the disease and a reasonable explanation for past symptoms.

In most cases, insurance or government programs will cover 100% of the cost of your PCR saliva test. Please complete our online forms to determine if you qualify for insurance/government billing.

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