COVID-19 Testing for International Travel

Let Premier Diagnostics COVID-19 saliva testing services be a solution to your traveling dilemma

COVID-19 Testing for International Travel

CDC Change in Travel Guidelines

Beginning January 26, 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will require all air passengers traveling to the United States from a foreign country to register a negative COVID-19 test no more than three days before their flight departs. Passengers must present negative test results to the airline before boarding the return flight. This presents a challenge for many American citizens traveling abroad who are uncertain about obtaining a COVID-19 test in a foreign country.

Premier Diagnostics can assist individuals and groups in need of testing services abroad by providing saliva RT-PCR tests to those embarking from the U.S. and to those who need a test to return home. If you're leaving the U.S., complete registration here and plan to be tested at any one of our drive-through locations. You will receive results 24-48 hrs. after sample collection!


See below to learn more about testing while on vacation.

Plane on Runway

Testing Abroad -- Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands

Premier Diagnostics can assist individuals and groups in need of testing services abroad by providing saliva PCR tests that can be self-administered while on vacation. Upon completion, tests can be shipped to our partner lab and results will return 24-48 hrs. after lab receipt of test samples. This system allows you to travel freely without stressing about how to get home.

This service is available to those traveling to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Testing radius is limited only by expected shipment delivery times, and the above locations have been deemed likely to fall within the time restrictions. Please consider this website for estimated FedEx delivery rates and times.

How We Can Help

Premier Diagnostics can help provide remote testing services to individuals and groups embarking on international excursions!

To receive test kits and information for international travel, please email us at

and a travel representative will be in touch shortly.




Alternatively, you may complete the form below.

Step 1

Email us about your trip or complete the form at the bottom of this page. If emailing, please include the following information:

Date of departure from U.S.

Anticipated testing date

Travel destination

Number of test kits needed

Names & Dates of Birth for all testing

Home address (for receiving test kits)

This allows our travel representatives to better serve your needs

Step 2

Fill out a patient registration form located here. Even if you have previously tested with Premier Diagnostics, you will need to complete the registration form.

Insurance does not cover tests required for travel, so the tests will need to be paid for online using a credit card. The registration form will prompt you to do this--you must select "No" to questions asking about symptoms, exposure, and doctor's referral.

Step 3

Once you have completed the registration form for all people who intend to test and a travel representative has confirmed receipt of your travel information, you will receive saliva test kits (with instructions for administering included) shipped to your house.


Each person testing will be assigned a specific sample ID number, which is located on the test itself. 


Be sure to take these test kits with you on your trip.

Step 4

While on vacation--and no more than three days before your return flight--you may self-administer your saliva test.

Ship (via expedited shipping) the test to our lab located at the below address.


PremierDX Travel

10644 Jordan Gateway Suite. 200

South Jordan, UT 84095

You should expect to receive results via email 24-48 hrs after the lab's receipt of your test.* A PDF certifying results will be accessible from the same email.

*tests that arrive to the lab before 10:30am will receive same-day results

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Travelling in America

Please Note

Premier Diagnostics is not responsible for delayed test results that occur due to delays in shipping.

Personal identifiers on your negative test results must match the personal information on your passport or other travel documents. This means that when you complete your Premier Diagnostics registration online, you must complete the form to match the information (name, date of birth, etc.) listed on your passport.

The lab is CLOSED for processing on Sundays. Tests that arrive to the lab before 10:30am on Saturdays will be processed and return results Saturday evening. Tests that arrive after this time up until 10:30am on Mondays will be processed and return results on Monday evening.

To ship the test, place all test tubes in a plastic ziplock bag labeled "PremierDX International." Place the plastic bag inside a cardboard box. Take this box to an international shipping center and ship to the above address.

To ensure timely results, please select the earliest possible arrival time for your expedited delivery.

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