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PCR Test Results

PCR test results are available online 24-48 hours after your test. Please use the form below to access your results.

A valid sample number and date of birth is required to access results through the online system. Your sample number was provided to you at the testing site and is the letters "SD" or "FR" followed by a 12-digit number. Please email if you have lost your sample number or if you are unable to access your results online.

Please click here if you need a PDF print out of your complete lab report.


Get Test Results

This is hidden text and will be replaced by results text from below

Your Test Results are not found, Please double check your SD Number and Birthday. Also, please also allow 24-48 hours past test date for results to appear online. Please contact if you have any questions.

COVID-19 has been detected in your saliva sample.


Please contact your primary care physician and inform him/her of your test results.  

Your sample for COVID19 was inconclusive.


Please retake test at your earliest convenience.

COVID-19 has not been detected in your saliva sample.

Your sample for COVID19 failed.


Please retake the test at your earliest convenience.

Your Test Results are Negative.

Rapid Antigen Test Results

The result of your rapid antigen test will be read to you before you depart the testing facility. An official report of your test result will be emailed to you on the same day. You can also access your lab report by clicking the link below.

Your confirmation number was emailed to you when you completed the online registration. The same confirmation numbr is emailed to you again when the report for your rapid antigen test becomes available online.

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